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Safe and Festive Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

Christmas lights are undoubtedly one of the best parts of the holiday season. However, they can sometimes be challenging to manage. There’s also the aspect of making sure they’re used safely. Keeping in mind indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting tips can help limit stressful situations while boosting the chances of establishing beautiful displays.

Buy More Lights Than You Need

It can be frustrating when you’re on a decorating roll, only to realize your Christmas lights have run out or they don’t work. Buy more Christmas lights than you need. If you require extra, you already have them on hand and won’t have to put the rest of your decorating on hold.

Use Light Clips

Light clips are a great way to affix strands of lights to roofs and other surfaces without damaging the decor or surfaces to which you’re attaching them. They’re easy to use and remove. However, to increase the chances of success and limit damage, read the accompanying instructions before using them.

Test Lights Before Decorating

Before putting up any Christmas lights, use a light tester to ensure they’re properly working. You don’t want to get every strand perfectly set in place only to flip the switch and find that some bulbs or entire strands of lights don’t work.

Use a Light Net for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Consider using Christmas light nets rather than continuously wrapping strands of lights all over your indoor Christmas tree and outdoor shrubs and trees. Using netting creates a consistent look, and it’s easy to apply.

However, it’s important to strategically place the netting and adjust it so it stays on and the wires aren’t visible. Make sure the lights you choose are ideal for the purpose for which you want to use them. For example, ensure they can be used outdoors on shrubs or indoors on the Christmas tree.

Use Different Light Styles

Using various styles of lights can result in beautiful displays if you plan properly and check that the light styles and colors complement each other. However, the holiday season is all about joy, so what’s most important is using what makes you happy.

Focus on Entryways

Entryways, such as the front of the home, the back entrance, and indoor doorways are ideal focal points. This is where you can use garland, string lights, and small Christmas decor items to make each one spectacular and personalized.

Make Your Christmas Lights Decorating Plan

A great display of Christmas lights often starts with a plan while keeping decorating tips in mind. It gives you an idea of how the lights will look so you can change up your ideas before having to switch things up after you’ve already put the lights in place. It will also give you an idea of how many strands of lights you need. Start establishing your plan now and buying what you need to implement it. Contact Ambition Electric in Lincoln, NE, if you need any assistance with any indoor or outdoor lighting installation needs.

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