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5 Lighting Options That Will Save You Money

Electricians are your best friends when it comes to saving money on your next electric bill. They can help find the right lighting solutions for your home or office. They can install energy-efficient lighting and show you what options will work in your home. In essence, electricians can show you the most cost-effective ways to keep the lights on. Let’s consider five examples of how electricians can help you save money.

1. Ceiling Lights

The old way of lighting a room was to place a light in the center of the room. You don’t have to do that anymore. Electricians can install new lights in the ceiling to provide a specific amount of light for whatever you need at the moment. If you have a favorite spot in the living room where you like to read, you can have lighting just for that area without having to sit close to a lamp.

2. LED Lights

You may be accustomed to using incandescent bulbs, but you can save money by switching over to LED lights. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which are remarkably inefficient, LED lights use 75% less energy and last for a much longer period of time. Equally as important, LED lights don’t get as hot as incandescent bulbs do. This makes the room considerably more comfortable and keeps you from turning up the air conditioner, another way you can save money.

3. Timers

It is all too easy to get busy and forget to turn the lights off. Timers do the job for you. With a timer, you can set the lights to be on during peak hours of the day and then automatically turn off at night. This way you don’t have to worry. You will save money and still have plenty of light when you need it.

4. Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches save you money by dimming the lights when you don’t need a lot of illumination and keeping them bright when you do. These switches directly reduce the amount of voltage flowing to the bulb. This allows you to control the amount of light based on how much you need.

5. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be placed indoors as well as outside to offer light whenever you need it and remain off the rest of the time. Motion sensors are particularly good to place in hallways and near bathrooms for nighttime use when you’re likely to fumble for a light.

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