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Creative Indoor Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Lighting in a home can be challenging to balance. You want to put it where it’s functional, but it also needs to provide the correct level of brightness and reflect your individual design preferences. Installing creative lighting solutions throughout your home can provide you with a little of each.

Projector Light

Projector lights aren’t just for the holidays. They’ve come a long way, and nowadays, they can be used to fill an entire room with depictions of everything from the galaxy to ocean waves, complete with vibrant hues. Each one is typically in the form of a light box or strip, giving you the ability to easily position and use it where needed.

Strategic LED Lighting

Strategically placed LED lighting, especially with lighting strips, is a low-investment way to illuminate specific areas. For instance, you can use the strips to add brightness to a headboard or bed frame, to the ceiling, or underneath kitchen cabinets. 

Custom Repurposed Lamp

From a fan to a teapot to a telephone, there are many items you can use to create a custom repurposed lamp. DIY lamp kits are available, but you may want to consider hiring an electrician for the project, especially if the item is delicate and/or is vintage or antique, to ensure it’s done properly and safely. An expert will also be able to advise you if the item could properly function as a lamp before you modify it for that purpose.

Pendant Lighting

If you don’t already have pendant lights hanging over your kitchen island, consider installing them for the dramatic touch they supply. They also offer a great deal of illumination, which is excellent if you frequently use the island for cooking tasks. You can display them in pairs or multiples, but you’ll typically find showcasing three of them is the best balance of function and design. Kitchen pendant lights are available in a range of styles, sizes, and colors, and a professional installation will ensure that they’re installed safely and correctly positioned.

Corner Lighting

Corner lighting takes advantage of often neglected areas of a home. There are several ways to position these lights, including at the point where the ceiling meets the walls or partway down the walls. Multicolored, solid color, and white lights are available, allowing you to choose whichever best complements your style. 

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