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Lower Your Utility Bills With Energy Consumption Reductions and Smart Technology

Energy consumption reductions are good for the environment and your wallet. Power-efficient smart technologies can help regulate your energy consumption, whether you rent or own your home. You can enhance energy consumption reductions with some lifestyle changes. Identifying “energy vampire” appliances is another way to lower your monthly bills. Smart gadgets can also help you save money every month.

Smart Thermostats

An HVAC system that runs constantly to keep your home comfortable uses a lot of energy. You can shut off your HVAC system when you leave your house for work, but your system will take time to heat or cool your home later when you return home. A smart thermostat connects to your Wi-Fi, which allows you to easily change the temperature from your smartphone. You can check the temperature after leaving for work and change the temperature on your way home. Some smart thermostats can learn your schedule to keep your house comfortable at the best times. Most HVAC systems are compatible with smart thermostats, but not all.

Energy Vampires

It can be time-consuming to unplug appliances that sap energy every night. Some energy vampires are laptops, televisions, gaming consoles, and microwaves. Appliances like coffee makers and microwaves have digital interfaces that are always running. Gaming consoles and computers can still download updates when plugged into the wall.

It’s a project updating your appliances and unplugging energy vampire electronics to lower monthly energy consumption. One way to make this easier is to install smart outlets. Smart outlets let you turn appliances on or off with your smartphone. A smart outlet can shut everything off when you go to bed and turn everything on in the morning. Some smart outlets can even analyze energy usage to consume less energy.

Some power strips allow you to control each outlet with your smartphone. A surge protection strip also safeguards your electronics in case there’s a power surge.

Non-Electric Smart Devices

Many smart electronics use wires to connect your house in a more convenient way. Some devices don’t need electricity and can run on solar power or batteries. Devices that can run on batteries include smart flood lights and video doorbells. The batteries can last between six and 12 months, depending on the number of motion events the doorbell captures. Battery-powered devices help keep your home eco-friendly. Some companies even offer solar devices.

There are many ways you can start lowering your energy consumption every month. If you have any questions or concerns about remodeling your home in Lincoln, NE or upgrading your electrical devices, call us at Ambition Electric to make an appointment today.

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