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Home and Workplace Lighting Tips for Productive Spring Cleaning

Do you find yourself lacking the energy to get started with spring cleaning this year? And have you noticed that this seems to be an ongoing problem in your home or workplace?

If you have a hard time getting energized to work on deep cleaning, organizing and decluttering tasks, know that it’s not just you. The problem might have more to do with the interior lighting in some parts of the house or work area. Read on to explore how to upgrade your lighting for a more energizing environment.

Lighting Affects Productivity and Mood

Many studies have found that both the amount and type of lighting in the workplace can impact workers’ productivity, mood and energy levels. Dim lighting and imbalances between light and dark areas around the workplace cause eye strain and decrease productivity.

The lighting temperatures — cool blue tones versus warm yellow tones — created by different types of bulbs also make a difference. Generally, warmer lighting has a calming effect while cooler lighting helps you stay more alert, energized and focused on your work and cleaning tasks.

Lighting Tips for Spring Cleaning

So, how can you use this information to improve your energy level and motivation while engaging in spring cleaning? Here are a few practical ideas to get you started.

1. Maximize Natural Light When Possible

Since experts agree that natural sunlight is best for boosting productivity and mental health, start by opening up your window blinds and drapes when spring cleaning during the day. You don’t have to limit yourself to using only sunlight, but take advantage of it when it’s available.

2. Use Cool Temperature Lights to Mimic Natural Light

The type of light bulbs you use can make a difference in keeping you motivated and energized while deep cleaning. Many standard light bulbs can be replaced with “daylight” bulbs that mimic natural light and are easy on the eyes while helping you feel ready to work.

You can also use energy-saving LED lights around your home or workplace to boost productivity, since these have a cooler temperature to them as well. Many LED light fixtures are adjustable and can shift from warm light to cool light with just the flick of a switch, making them a perfect choice for both working and resting at home.

3. Install Task Lighting to Balance Light Around the Room

Most offices are designed with ceiling fixtures that spread out the light fairly evenly. But your lighting at home might be very different and cast shadows in many corners of your living space.

After turning on all the lights in the room, briefly scan for dark areas that would benefit from additional lighting. In some cases, a simple desk lamp or under-cabinet recessed mini spotlight is all you need. But to light up larger spaces, adjustable track lighting might be best to provide balanced, even lighting around the entire room.

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