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Savvy Cost-Saving and Safety Tips for 2024 Electrical Maintenance

Are you experiencing electric power overloads, short circuits, or lights that flicker on and off in your home? If so, you may have a faulty home electrical panel. This panel controlling the flow of electric current throughout your house may have loose wiring. Other problems that the panel may have include burned components and corroded connections. You should call an expert local electrician for immediate service to resolve these issues.

How to Help Prevent Electrical Power Interruptions in Your Home

Ways to help prevent problems with your home’s electrical power and lower your electric bills include the following tips.

Schedule an Electrical System Audit

When you first experience issues with your electrical power, you should schedule an audit of your home’s electricity usage. You can examine the system yourself if you are knowledgeable about electrical systems. However, most homeowners find it best to contact a professional electrician for this service. You may want to call your local electric company first since this service may be provided for customers at a minimal cost or even free.

Program Your Home HVAC Thermostat

If you lower your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees during the daytime, you will most likely experience electric bill savings of at least 10%. You can choose to do this with a manual thermostat or by getting one that you can program.

Turn Off Lights Not in Use

Every light bulb in your home that is burning increases your electric bill. Each 40-watt bulb that is in use for one hour uses 0.04 kWh of electric power. If, for example, your electric power provider charges 10 cents for every kWh used, you can save $0.004 every hour that the light is switched off. This may seem like very small savings, but this extra charge for unnecessary use of power can add up.

Replace Your Air Filter

When you install a new air filter every three months, you will increase the life span of your HVAC system. It will also operate more effectively and efficiently, reducing your electric power bill for long-term savings.

Determine Phantom Energy Level

Standby power (or phantom energy) occurs when your appliances consume energy when they are switched off. These appliances should be unplugged when they are not being used. It is surprising to discover that phantom energy equals from 5 to 10% of most residential power consumption today.

Consult Your Local Electricians for Expert Tips on Electrical Maintenance

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