Why Is My EV Charger Not Working?

Close Up Of Woman Attaching Charging Cable To Electric Car At Home

So, you’ve made sure to plug in both ends of your EV charger cable and the power’s on, but it’s still not working, or it’s taking forever to charge your vehicle. Like other car problems, knowing how to troubleshoot issues with your EV’s charger and when to call a professional can get you back on […]

Are Your Lighting Circuits Overloaded?

Old electrical panel against a brick wall

Seeing the lights flicker in your home is something you can expect from time to time; this is often related to thunderstorms and lightning strikes, particularly during the afternoon and evening hours. Flickering could be a sign of a power surge caused by higher voltage delivered by a lightning strike or by tree branches falling […]

Tips for Keeping Electrical Hazards Under Control


Electrical hazards range from the shocks you feel when you touch an outlet to the fires that start around the wiring in your walls. Not only do these issues lead to expensive repair bills, but they may cause severe damage to your loved ones or yourself. Now is a good time to look at ways […]

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Lighting Fixture

Smoke detector and fire alarm in action background

Lights are a crucial part of any home – and when it comes to changing a faulty lighting fixture, things can get tricky. Whether it’s flickering, buzzing, or completely refusing to turn on, here are some signs that you should replace your faulty lighting fixture: Flickering or Buzzing If your lights start to flicker like […]